Monday, March 3, 2008

Spiritual Projection

1. Simply think of the right hemisphere of your fore brain, inhale and imagine a black space within the left as you exhale. 2. Now you must do the same with respect to the left hemisphere WITHOUT projecting a blackened area. This will help you become conscious of recognition and control. 3. After mastering this begin to write in reverse the English Cursive Letter "L" with the OPPOSITE hand and project the blackened area through out the entire brain. Next you must switch hands and repeat all the above until one recognizes spontaneity beyond that of ritual holding consciousness apart from what can be realized of the spirit world.4. Study my projected image [profile pic] as you progress and notice "other" voices, words, and images.*
*Note that of Jaynes "Breakdown of the Bicameral Brain" and know that to wake too fast can release nightmares and other transient neurotic conditions. You are safe and will not breach a pre-psychotic state unless you cross within too far and too fast through the hyper-dimensional "gate". Those who do this successfully will find the universal meaning of death, sex, and creation in terms of a construct. Beyond this an absolute terror must be accepted or the observer will fail its test. There will be found not speculation nor divide but an unknowing of the infinite and worse: You will come to experience an uncommon light and will then be aware of the mind that exists outside of the construct of time.
Your brain is a construct of this mind that is least of all your own.
There are patterns that reveal strangely the aforementioned light. This for example might relate to the average number of stars in many observed galaxies as to correlate to the average number of neurons required of consciousness within a third trimester of brain development, etc.
There is no such thing as chance.
There is only probability thus the potential of relative awareness.
There is only probability thus the potential of relative awareness that can be used once it is carefully observed and practiced with respect for an optimal future for our world's children. -A.D.

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