Monday, March 3, 2008

The Navy

Calif. coast panel files Navy sonar suit
By ALICIA CHANG, AP Science Writer
LOS ANGELES - State coastal regulators and environmental groups separately sued the Navy on Thursday because of its decision to continue sonar training exercises off California without precautions opponents contend are necessary to protect marine life.
Earlier this year, the California Coastal Commission approved the exercises during a two-year period only if the Navy took safeguards to protect marine mammals and sea turtles. Among the restrictions were avoiding coastal waters with a large whale and dolphin population and lowering sonar levels during periods of low visibility, when it's harder for ship personnel to spot sea life.
The Navy sought the commission's approval for the training maneuvers, then said the commission lacked the authority to impose the restrictions.
The commission contends federal law gives it the power to limit the Navy's exercises to comply with a state law that protects coastal and marine resources.
The Navy periodically conducts sonar drills along the East Coast, the Gulf Coast, Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest to practice hunting submarines in nearshore waters.
Critics contend sonar has harmful effects on whales, possibly by damaging their hearing, and other marine mammals worldwide. A congressional report last year found the Navy's sonar exercises have been blamed for at least six cases of mass death and stranding among whales in the past decade.
The Navy has said factors including pollution and starvation can cause marine animals to be beached.
Commissioner Sara Wan said the Navy's unwillingness to comply with the restrictions left the state with no choice but to file the federal lawsuit.
"The Navy cannot simply arm-wave away the entire body of evidence ... that sonar can harm and kill marine mammals," Wan said.
The commission is seeking a preliminary injunction against future sonar drills until the Navy agrees to the commission's limitations.
"We're disappointed with the decision to pursue litigation on this," Vice Adm. Barry Costello, commander of the U.S. Third Fleet, said in Honolulu. "But we're doing our training that's essential to the Navy to support our armed forces and we'll go forward and work with all the appropriate players on these lawsuits."
In a separate lawsuit, a coalition of environmental groups led by the Santa Monica-based Natural Resources Defense Council faulted the Navy for failing to prepare an environmental impact statement on the planned drills. It's the fifth time the NRDC has sued the Navy over the sonar issue.

1200 Possible Chernobyls

As the future simply presents a probability, I am one who did not say that Iraq would initiate a global conflict. Intuitively, many are now suggesting a world war as never before and/ or since the time of America's Cuban Missile Crisis. This is a time to worry about this as China and Russia combined now possesses an immediate capability to win prior to [United States] deployment, reorganization, domestic economic planning, media controls, energy and materials supply allocation (non-usable re-manufacturing). As an indication of Americas lack of domestic readiness should an invasion occur, one should be reminded of Katrina and its aftermath still unresolved years later for many of the residents displaced by that storm. America is not the sleeping giant it once was, it is now more like Goliath following the time in which King David blinded his third eye thus we see the spiritual war of the terrorists versus the failing intellectual war of the west guided by the prince of swords; Vishnu as death, the destroyer of worlds. – Aaron Charles Donahue

Spiritual Projection

1. Simply think of the right hemisphere of your fore brain, inhale and imagine a black space within the left as you exhale. 2. Now you must do the same with respect to the left hemisphere WITHOUT projecting a blackened area. This will help you become conscious of recognition and control. 3. After mastering this begin to write in reverse the English Cursive Letter "L" with the OPPOSITE hand and project the blackened area through out the entire brain. Next you must switch hands and repeat all the above until one recognizes spontaneity beyond that of ritual holding consciousness apart from what can be realized of the spirit world.4. Study my projected image [profile pic] as you progress and notice "other" voices, words, and images.*
*Note that of Jaynes "Breakdown of the Bicameral Brain" and know that to wake too fast can release nightmares and other transient neurotic conditions. You are safe and will not breach a pre-psychotic state unless you cross within too far and too fast through the hyper-dimensional "gate". Those who do this successfully will find the universal meaning of death, sex, and creation in terms of a construct. Beyond this an absolute terror must be accepted or the observer will fail its test. There will be found not speculation nor divide but an unknowing of the infinite and worse: You will come to experience an uncommon light and will then be aware of the mind that exists outside of the construct of time.
Your brain is a construct of this mind that is least of all your own.
There are patterns that reveal strangely the aforementioned light. This for example might relate to the average number of stars in many observed galaxies as to correlate to the average number of neurons required of consciousness within a third trimester of brain development, etc.
There is no such thing as chance.
There is only probability thus the potential of relative awareness.
There is only probability thus the potential of relative awareness that can be used once it is carefully observed and practiced with respect for an optimal future for our world's children. -A.D.

The Dali Cube of Space

Thank you for the observation of the Tessaract work within Chaos Magick. I have seen the "other side" and have much to tell.
Christ and Salvador Dali!
This painting is to be studied closely. It is of his dying bride.
The esoteric knowledge that he worked with was eventually relieved within his system of Taro shortly before his death. I have one of his signed card decks from when he was living in the south.
Camembert Cheese! Ah Ha! What?
It is also known that Salvador loved only one sort of cheese. This was the beloved Camembert with that white surface cake of a eukaryotic life cycle stage producing a slight altered state?
Not so fast ye seekers of an easy way to know everything!
Scientific studies of the organism required of this lovely cheese does not confirm this in any way!
I believe that it was his art and life that calls into question the status quo as we see it today and not "mutant" cheese.
I see in his work as the enlightenment of his love for all.
This survives Dali and is symbolic of the immortal union (see Lovers Card).
When his wife died, Salvador Dali held her by his broken heart and drove his black vintage convertible in circles as per such a wake that most could not pain to look.
Together, they were beautiful in every way.
P.S. As for the tesseract, Dali thought that he might reach his wife in this way after she died, but I know this also requires the harmonic gate. There is also a technology that I can not discuss here.

The Prophetic Light

Sunday, March 02, 2008

One might be wise to notice when traveling overhead, that the abundant patterns of urban sprawl are identical to patterns of cancer growth as per some cell tissue samples looked upon with a microscope.

There is no coincidence in life.


What similarities do we see of the Israeli Palestinian Ghetto of today and Hitler's Jewish Ghetto of WWII?

"Be careful not to become the very monster that you intend to destroy"


An excerpt from Aaron's recent work:

"Peripherally, today's majority of democratic voters are slightly more sexist than they are racist thus one candidate replaces another in favor of the expected republican victory in a national election."

What Aaron is saying seems to indicate that Senator Clinton will NOT win the democratic nomination and that Senator Edwards was the only electable candidate capable of winning against Senator McCain in a national election. Aaron is also showing us that the majority of democratic voters today are at best grossly naive or in the case of avoiding the vote for Senator Edwards simply because he was WHITE and MALE, are hypocrites.

Has anyone noticed the abundance of smirks upon some of the horror chin-lit evil faces at Fox News Network lately?

Another excerpt:

"Some know the victory of evil that few are enlightened to see at this time. There is after all only one candidate standing for multinational corporations, war continuation, and a likely pardon of those most neglectful within a present day administration. "

Aaron’s predictions in the news today

Excerpt from February 22 2008, The Prophetic Light Posting:
A Highly Probable Future
There will be in his time three wars, seven important deaths, two major natural disasters, floods, record heat waves, power failure, a drought killing cattle, dust storms, pestilence, forest fires, eukaryotic cell mutations, crop failures, widespread bankruptcy, recession, viral infections, disease, major tornadoes, and fear leading to an unexpected success (blue rose data), and eight major catastrophic mechanical situations that seem to involve a public form of transportation. There is seen a park accident, noise and smoke from the ground, and earth quakes in both the expected and unexpected place.

From todays headlines:

An Earthquake in an unusual place

Power Outages in Florida

The Economy

Resistant Diseases

A story from one day after Aaron's posting:
Mechanical failure of a $1.2 billion dollar aircraft :

There are more predictions not yet released to the public. Needless to say, they are far worse than what you see posted here. Some of these predictions will make your blood run cold.
The future for us all is about to become an unimaginable nightmare of angst, injustice, misery, and horror. It is preposterous to think that we are alone in this and that we can do nothing apart from accepting the lie that has become our daily life of anticipation, decadence, and blind scientific achievement.
As Abraham first left Ur for fertile ground from which his sons would eventually migrate unto yet more fertile ground, we are left today with the sterility of space.
-Aaron C. Donahue

"The theatre is closing and there is no place left to go."
- William S. Burroughs

Prediction Confirmation/ Aaron C. Donahue

Comment by JC:
For those who recall an earlier message in which Aaron C. Donahue openly predicted that 'higher ranking military officials are likely to quit their posts as the threat of war to be waged against Iran by the West becomes imminent. Failing this, Israel would consider this military option next'. Aaron also said that 'a previous incident at sea should lead unto another and if so, all would be lost for the west and her allies in a world war that follows soon after'. Israel would not bomb Iran without support from the west but that 'generals and other high ranking officers would then resign' given any plans to do so and under specific conditions in which the soft coastal underbelly (see lack of readiness following hurricanes, etc.) would be exposed along with fatigue and low troop moral after failings in Iraq and Afghanistan. He also indicated that a failing western economy is possible and that it might be similar to that of the former Soviet Union in which an earlier withdrawal from Afghanistan stressed both moral and economic stability. Now Aaron is warning of a world war in which the west would be incinerated just as the Hopi describe a 'red cloak from the east' and gourds of ashes 'burning the land'. He also says, now that a collective choice has been made by the western peoples to elect division rather than love (see Edwards Probablility Resolved) into the white house, a republican leader named John McCain would be elected in 2008 as Commander and Chief of the Armed Forces. China would be eventually engaged in a war that with much devastation, would be lost to Russia* after biological and nuclear weapons are effectively deployed inland, in the atmosphere, and from the sea.
Relevant quotes from Aaron C. Donahue:
"Early human extinction will be strongly considered by many prominent scientists following a catastrophic war between superpowers that could happen prior to 2012. Convenient ecological life support for all mammals would then cease as foreseen 30 to 51 years from that point."
"Lacking wisdom, technology condemns mankind..."

"Perhaps what is most disturbing about the democratic society of today could be that it allows for its majority to vote itself into oblivion and as required, without conscience."
"Iran is the heart of the world in which the covenant is never broken by a few men who remember. To destroy Iran is to erase our ancestral map into the future..."
"Terrorism requires participation."
"Replace the word conspiracy with $tupidity and you will at once answer many perplexing questions about our future."

Generals to quit if US strikes Iran Tue, 26 Feb 2008 00:49:33

..>Some senior US military commanders are prepared to resign if President Bush orders a military strike against Iran, a new report says. "There are four or five generals and admirals we know of who would resign if Bush ordered an attack on Iran," The Sunday Times quoted Monday a source with close ties to British intelligence . "There is simply no stomach for it in the Pentagon, and a lot of people question whether such an attack would be effective or even possible," the source added. If proven true a revolt on such a scale would be unprecedented because 'American generals usually stay and fight until they get fired," said a Pentagon source. Robert Gates, the defense secretary, has repeatedly warned against striking Iran and is believed to represent the view of his senior commanders. Iran has announced that in face of any aggression it will respond like a 'tsunami'.