Monday, March 3, 2008

New Hampshire Primary Results/ Sen. Edwards Campaign 2008

When Sen. Hillary Clinton was endorsed earlier by President Bush, it was no surprise to any who witnessed a Hew Hampshire win by the good Senator herself. A close second place was awarded to Sen. Obama and in third place Sen. Edwards.

When considering the outcome of this most important aspect of the bid for the White House, one should also suspect the timing of President Bush's planned visit to the middle east which is more than suggestive of war, fear of conflict, and was without any doubt a highly skilled political move designed to motivate a result of the aforementioned primary toward a candidate that has traditionally stood on the side of Israel, sanctions, war, and a continued military presence in Iraq.
Perhaps the most troubling aspect of this win concerns the ONLY electable candidate whose name and presence continues to be left out of mainstream media time and time again and now, he is being unfairly pushed out of an unfair race for our nation's troubled future. This candidate is none other than the Senator John Edwards who is WHITE and MALE…
This as you might agree would be considered a suspect statement concerning race and gender. It is a reality that in this fledgling country of hatred, racial tension, and a sexist divide that unlike any time in our history, we see a viable candidate that is not evil in this way who is also white and male.
Simply, what President Bush and his constituency intended to do with the endorsement of Hillary Clinton and Obama was simple:
1. Major news and information outlets such as Fox Network were "encouraged" to blatantly refrain from reporting too many stories about Senator Edwards and his campaign. Research will show that of all the candidates, the name of Senator Edwards is rarely mentioned throughout mainstream media apart from the loss of two key primary states which is designed to discourage future voters.
Out of site out of mind is the method of choice and it works!
2. Remember that one of the main platforms of Sen. Edwards concerns his vow to fight against the unethical interests of multinational corporations, and some mega-corporations who do not share wealth with those in need, etc. Some of the most offending corporations own most if not all of the major sources of media that are now being used to convince the majority of American voters that Clinton and Obama are electable in a desperately racist and sexist fledgling country.
The whole nation today is slightly more sexist than it is racist and from this perspective, the Republicans will easily win the White House in 2008 if Osama Obama should win the Democratic Nomination. This will guarantee an incompetent leader far worse than that of President Bush. We can expect more in terms of war, greed, human rights violations, depleted rights for minorities and women, and an escalation of problems associated with a SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE.
3. No one wants to see a President Pastor Hickabee playing his Lynard Skynard RACIST Music on the White House Lawn after Israeli Sponsored Terror Bombings of Iran or worse; imagine a President M. Romster who openly endorses the Mormon faith whose Racist prophet is named Joseph Smith.

4. The future as probability requires examination and in the immediate case of a growing cold-like war between super-powers China, Russia, and the United States, the very worst consideration for leadership points to the moderately intelligent Senator John McCain from Arizona.
5. Perhaps for those of the majority who could not bring them selves to vote for a White and Male candidate as the ONLY viable candidate to over-ride the underhanded political savvy and maneuverability learned of nearly eight years of failure by the conservative party, it would be fair to consider any such majority liberal as no better.
The average bleeding heart vampire feeding liberal has once again become the very monster that was intended to be destroyed! My advice to the liberal is this; quickly flush your hypocrisy before your liberal friends notice too much and read something other than Mein Kampf. Hatred is not something that you learn as much as it is something experienced.
In terms of a highly probable future, the Repugnican Senator McCain is likely to be given the Presidency of the ..:NAMESPACE PREFIX = ST1 />United States of America by default. Now that the pre-daleks have had nearly eight years of learning from their mistakes, they are simply utilizing the inherent hypocrisy of today's majority of ego parade floating self righteous liberal democrats in order to win by default.
Elect Hillary Clinton or Obama Bin Osama for the Democratic Nomination and you will give the White House to the Republicans in this highly racist and sexist nation. Elect John Edwards and you will see justice. He is by the color of his skin the only electable candidate in this racist and sexist nation. The Republicans know this and you should know their motivations that include manipulating the elections to the end that they win by default.
The United States is most likely to be in a nuclear world war with China by 2011 and as President McCain's term of office would be expected to end in 2012, what then would remain of the world's human life support ecological system will then be unquestionably compromised.
Perhaps what is most disturbing about the democratic society of today could be that it allows for its majority to vote itself into oblivion and as required, without conscience. When you make any decision in these last days of convenient life on our dying planet, you must consider what your life means as opposed to betraying your children by conformity.
Know that our great failing nation is not the only sacred thing at stake. Make no mistake about it; a collective form of programmed mass suicide (nuclear war) awaits us all provided that we continue to take our future for granted.
-Aaron C. Donahue

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