Monday, March 3, 2008

The Prophetic Light 2008

Here is what many are asking of my vision and analysis of our immediate future:
1. Who will be elected in this world as the next leader of America in 2008?
The answer to this is not an easy one to define although it can now be clearly understood from the perspective of a certainty rather than a mere probability.
Today's Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona will be elected as President of the United States of America in 2008. His office of administration will consist of a single term ending in 2012.
A Highly Probable Future
There will be in his time three wars, seven important deaths, two major natural disasters, floods, record heat waves, power failure, a drought killing cattle, dust storms, pestilence, forest fires, eukaryotic cell mutations, crop failures, widespread bankruptcy, recession, viral infections, disease, major tornadoes, and fear leading to an unexpected success (blue rose data), and eight major catastrophic mechanical situations that seem to involve a public form of transportation. There is seen a park accident, noise and smoke from the ground, and earth quakes in both the expected and unexpected place.
Blue Rose
At this moment I am stricken with an image of a blue rose and a tunnel for which one might imagine that a train or boat could be also involved utilizing the tunnel for access or travel. There is a feeling of dread, a slight smell of diesel, and fresh sealing tar and/ or creosote used to preserve railing ties and line polls. Sea gulls are periodically seen flying low 'in land' and there is a distinct feeling of an old city industry with paved over road rails, broken glass shining in the sun, and retrofitting of the old with something new.
There are people burning to death within visual range of the aforementioned tunnel.

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