Monday, March 3, 2008

The Dali Cube of Space

Thank you for the observation of the Tessaract work within Chaos Magick. I have seen the "other side" and have much to tell.
Christ and Salvador Dali!
This painting is to be studied closely. It is of his dying bride.
The esoteric knowledge that he worked with was eventually relieved within his system of Taro shortly before his death. I have one of his signed card decks from when he was living in the south.
Camembert Cheese! Ah Ha! What?
It is also known that Salvador loved only one sort of cheese. This was the beloved Camembert with that white surface cake of a eukaryotic life cycle stage producing a slight altered state?
Not so fast ye seekers of an easy way to know everything!
Scientific studies of the organism required of this lovely cheese does not confirm this in any way!
I believe that it was his art and life that calls into question the status quo as we see it today and not "mutant" cheese.
I see in his work as the enlightenment of his love for all.
This survives Dali and is symbolic of the immortal union (see Lovers Card).
When his wife died, Salvador Dali held her by his broken heart and drove his black vintage convertible in circles as per such a wake that most could not pain to look.
Together, they were beautiful in every way.
P.S. As for the tesseract, Dali thought that he might reach his wife in this way after she died, but I know this also requires the harmonic gate. There is also a technology that I can not discuss here.

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