Monday, March 3, 2008

Emerging Charlatans, Plagiarists, and Legitimacy

Monday, February 18, 2008
Emerging Charlatans, Plagiarists, and Legitimacy
By Aaron C. Donahue

Let it be clearly known that as an accomplished professional working in the field of psychic functioning, there can not be anyone other than myself best suited to represent my OWN work. There are no other remote viewers, psychics, mediums, kooks, or odd else qualified to speak for my work and one should also know of the many charlatans now plagiarizing my work (see example 3 below).

Traditionally, I do not charge money for my spiritual work nor do I have a business in any other name in order to do so. Provided that you should find such a web-site charging money for MY work in teaching, data, or in any manner not supported by this and other statements from myself alone. I do not work with other people nor do I share my knowledge as it can be harmful if used incorrectly both to the participant and practitioner alike. I have not once revealed the sacred unto my family, friends, or in any form of peripheral media beyond that of projections carried across the world in the form of spelling my name within metallic strips of film, cathode ray television, and other electronic sensors designed to receive this information.

Please do not assume that one must contact a supposed friend or wayward family member in order to contact me. I do not have a legitimate family nor do I allow friends to speak for my work in any way. I speak for myself and this is unlikely to change within the immediate future.
Provided that one should learn a little of my work and life, it would be best to seek a source rather than the usual dishonest and underhanded means of asking others who can only suppose without any degree of legitimate measure what it is that I am thinking, doing, or odd else. Not one has the key to my heart or does there exist a "telepathic connection". To assume this without proof for any reason is highly suspect.

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