Monday, March 3, 2008

Aaron’s predictions in the news today

Excerpt from February 22 2008, The Prophetic Light Posting:
A Highly Probable Future
There will be in his time three wars, seven important deaths, two major natural disasters, floods, record heat waves, power failure, a drought killing cattle, dust storms, pestilence, forest fires, eukaryotic cell mutations, crop failures, widespread bankruptcy, recession, viral infections, disease, major tornadoes, and fear leading to an unexpected success (blue rose data), and eight major catastrophic mechanical situations that seem to involve a public form of transportation. There is seen a park accident, noise and smoke from the ground, and earth quakes in both the expected and unexpected place.

From todays headlines:

An Earthquake in an unusual place

Power Outages in Florida

The Economy

Resistant Diseases

A story from one day after Aaron's posting:
Mechanical failure of a $1.2 billion dollar aircraft :

There are more predictions not yet released to the public. Needless to say, they are far worse than what you see posted here. Some of these predictions will make your blood run cold.
The future for us all is about to become an unimaginable nightmare of angst, injustice, misery, and horror. It is preposterous to think that we are alone in this and that we can do nothing apart from accepting the lie that has become our daily life of anticipation, decadence, and blind scientific achievement.
As Abraham first left Ur for fertile ground from which his sons would eventually migrate unto yet more fertile ground, we are left today with the sterility of space.
-Aaron C. Donahue

"The theatre is closing and there is no place left to go."
- William S. Burroughs

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