Monday, March 3, 2008

1200 Possible Chernobyls

As the future simply presents a probability, I am one who did not say that Iraq would initiate a global conflict. Intuitively, many are now suggesting a world war as never before and/ or since the time of America's Cuban Missile Crisis. This is a time to worry about this as China and Russia combined now possesses an immediate capability to win prior to [United States] deployment, reorganization, domestic economic planning, media controls, energy and materials supply allocation (non-usable re-manufacturing). As an indication of Americas lack of domestic readiness should an invasion occur, one should be reminded of Katrina and its aftermath still unresolved years later for many of the residents displaced by that storm. America is not the sleeping giant it once was, it is now more like Goliath following the time in which King David blinded his third eye thus we see the spiritual war of the terrorists versus the failing intellectual war of the west guided by the prince of swords; Vishnu as death, the destroyer of worlds. – Aaron Charles Donahue

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