Monday, March 3, 2008

Edwards Probability Resolved

January 30, 2008
Never as expected, the future is born once again of necessity providing its child of consequence. Such as it is, a consequence of this magnitude reveals certainty thus the prophetic and its darkness comes for us all.
The Prophetic Light as a Certainty
1. The United States will in 2008-2009 face economic consequences secondary to some oil-rich nations switching to other monetary exchanges rather than the western dollar. This will further stress economic relations with China, Europe, and Russia.
2. An incident at sea has occurred as predicted in 2007. A war between China and the United States of America will become inevitable following the election of an American Republican President who does not favor the Asian Cultures of today.
3. Other Time-lines now exist of early human extinction, pandemics, global war, and unprecedented weather related disasters crippling economies.
Due to a recent collective choice to abandon love for the continuation of meaningless warfare, annihilation is hereby revealed as a certainty.
Awaiting the Equinox of 2008, the Seven Sacred Seals will reveal an Eighth Seal.

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