Monday, March 3, 2008

Meditations and Notes 2008 By Aaron C. Donahue

The Swastika

Those who are conditioned to condemn the ancient symbolism of the swastika represent a required average as per the preconscious process by which subjugation and abuse is possible.
I would prefer to liberate the ancient symbol from its meaningless abuse by those withstanding of its collective representation as a source.
The Worship of Peril
The legitimacy of any mystery school requires uninhibited examination of its outer order and careful inclusion of its source without an exchange.
The Luciferian Order of the Black Sun
Known components of the 'harmonic trigger' have been strangely initiated and there remains what is believed to be a final rite. With this in mind, the spring equinox of 2008 will prove to be a most interesting time in terms of what may follow. What is known of this rite is not for public disclosure as it does not involve human activity.
The Prophetic Light 003-AD
Note that of Al Mahdi and Isa as combined such as the Hopi describe the possible unity in terms of a blue and white brother on the red path. Nostradamus described the 'one in three' as Perse (blue), Alus (red), and Mabus (white). One might also find the blue complexion of Krishna as the light of mitosis in which the light of a final Buddha is comparable to that of Al Mahdi as Isa with respect to the breakdown of the bicameral brain and the accompanying individual realization. These messianic concepts are not out of reach of individual meaning and fulfillment provided that we do not blow each other up in the process of discovery. A successful examination of these and related spiritual issues clearly represents a possible reality far beyond but not without the accomplishments of science today. Mankind is now at the precipice by which realization or annihilation is certain.
Psychosexual exclusion is defined by consequence.
An example of exclusion would best be demonstrated in terms of heterosexuality. Unless one is hopelessly psychotic and/ or without proper differentiation, true heterosexuality is not possible without eventuating disorientation of individuals least distal unto the act of coitus and worse; such activity without consideration for inclusion can lead to psychosexual patterns of behavior least conducive to an effective release of oxytocin.
Psychosexual inefficiency is defined by exclusion.
A human being in truth of one's own light, purpose, and meaning does not exclude either sex.

Abstinence requires hypocrisy

Those who volunteer to engage within such measures of denial also deny what is a most simple truth of our nature as communicative and progressive beings.

Sex Instinct as God

Emerson's divinity from this perspective might also be compared to the instinct of sex as also the 'creative force' of a god within each. I tend to think, if anything of creation, as expressed by the instinct rather than what can only be expected of its anthropomorphic representation.


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