Monday, March 3, 2008

The Prophetic Light

Sunday, March 02, 2008

One might be wise to notice when traveling overhead, that the abundant patterns of urban sprawl are identical to patterns of cancer growth as per some cell tissue samples looked upon with a microscope.

There is no coincidence in life.


What similarities do we see of the Israeli Palestinian Ghetto of today and Hitler's Jewish Ghetto of WWII?

"Be careful not to become the very monster that you intend to destroy"


An excerpt from Aaron's recent work:

"Peripherally, today's majority of democratic voters are slightly more sexist than they are racist thus one candidate replaces another in favor of the expected republican victory in a national election."

What Aaron is saying seems to indicate that Senator Clinton will NOT win the democratic nomination and that Senator Edwards was the only electable candidate capable of winning against Senator McCain in a national election. Aaron is also showing us that the majority of democratic voters today are at best grossly naive or in the case of avoiding the vote for Senator Edwards simply because he was WHITE and MALE, are hypocrites.

Has anyone noticed the abundance of smirks upon some of the horror chin-lit evil faces at Fox News Network lately?

Another excerpt:

"Some know the victory of evil that few are enlightened to see at this time. There is after all only one candidate standing for multinational corporations, war continuation, and a likely pardon of those most neglectful within a present day administration. "

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